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How would you like your design? Image Credit: Collin Harman

Sidd: Thanks for stopping by my website and considering me for your project.How would you like your design?
Client: Oh don’t mention.We are clear about this. We want it, cheap and best.

Sidd: Thank you for your prompt reply.I am sorry but i will have to turn down this project.
Client: Why? I haven’t even told you the details yet. This is going to be one hell of a project.You’re going to love this one.

Sidd: May i take the liberty of speaking straight with you sire?
Client: Absolutely. Go ahead. Shoot. I like people who talk straight and honest.

Sidd: That this is going to be one hell of project. I agree. But not quite for the same reasons as you do, perhaps.
Client: I don’t understand that. I meant that this is a very important and big project.If this goes well, i am sure it will bring a lot of business for you.Plus, i know you are a “love-the-challenge”, type and i foresee, lot’s of challenges ahead on this one.

Sidd: I think you do sire. You do understand me well on this. Sure, this is going to be one hell of a project. And yes, the challenges will be great, i too can foresee that. And most likely too great to be overcome.
Client: Now i really don’t understand you. You seem to like the challenge part, but are you saying that this is going to be too much for you? That you won’t be able to rise to the challenge.

Sidd: Yes, sire that is right.
Client: I wish i could understand this better. So in other words, are you doing this project or not?

Sidd: Sorry, sire.No.
Client: Alright then. Thanks for your time. But i still don’t know why you turned down that project. I haven’t even told you any specifics and it’s over already.

Sidd: Sire, i am afraid that you did tell me enough.
Client: Now look young man. Please don’t play with words. I need a clear and precise explanation. Do you have one or not?

Sidd: I most certainly do sire.
Client: What?

Sidd: Sire, that cheap & best don’t go together. That which is best, will not come cheap and that which is cheap will not be the best. That alone sire was enough for me to make up mind. And not the first time, sire.
I wish you all the best with your project.If you will, excuse me for now sire.
Client: I see.Alright, go on.

Sidd: Thank you sire.

  • Sachin

    Hahahaha…love this buddy…made my day…design is not a commodity 🙂

    • Sidd

      Thanks for the pit stop bro. Tell us some of your stories. ( Get a Gravatar!) 

  • manoj

    surely need a big heart for these kind of response.The conversation speaks a lot about you…….:)

  • Sushant

    Interesting satirical barbs! The client seems to be an
    inquisitive learner! Please keep sharing such real life  stuff.

  • Dyc Ken

    very realistic, pertinent to many of us who provide services but are treated like the subjee wallah,