Whenever I’m in Delhi , I always meet up with my good friend who I first met in 1997. I remember liking her instantly and what I really loved about her was her sensitivity and kindness towards others. She was a regular visitor to her neighbourhood animal shelter and was always rescuing animals in distress.
She carried fruit in her car and would hand it out to the street kids at the red lights. She stood up for injustice and discrimination wherever she encountered it.

When I first met her, my friend was just starting out in her career and in the past 13 years, has made amazing strides in her professional life. Today she is head of a multinational company in India and is well known in the corporate world.
Her job often requires her to host lavish parties for her corporate clients at well known 5 star venues in Delhi.

Initially she was appalled at the amount of food that would be left over at these dos. The hotels would just chuck it all into the garbage. This was unacceptable to her and she started staying back after her parties, getting the kitchen to pack up all the food.

She would load the packages up in her car and as she would drive home, would stop at the several flyovers along her route, distributing the goodies to all the street kids.

This has become her routine now and no one is happier than the kids who eagerly look out for her car knowing that a feast is in store.

What’s also great is that my friend takes the time to explain why she does what she does to her 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son. It’s wonderful to see these young minds absorbing values so early in their lives. I already see some really special qualities in her daughter.

There may be some of you out there who feel that feeding street kids is not really a solution and that the right thing to do is to get them off the streets and into some sort of rehabilitation. My friend and I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately in the real world, chances are these kids are probably going to grow old on the streets. So at least my friend is making sure they stay healthy and strong.

If there is any danger to what my friend is doing, it is that the kids may get so used to crab balls and smoked salmon, they may start turning up their noses at our humble daal/chawal !

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  • anjali johri

    Hi meera read ur article I was impressed by ur friend who has a soft corner for these street kids and animals.this is really an inspiration for all of us.

  • Thanks Meera for sharing this with us.
    We need to make people aware of such “Acts of Kindness/Love/etc”.
    We have so few role models. Ain’t that a shame ?

  • Neelam

    Thanks — this is heartwarming and inspiring. A must read for all who care.

  • Manish

    Appreciate your friends heart! Wish that more people like her came forward to extend their love for children and work in a more organised way.

  • Vaibhav

    Hello Meera,
    that was well written and all credit goes to your friend for taking this initiative. Most of us would not have that food packed just for the sake of our Ego or just coz it looks odd.

  • aparna

    Dear Meera

    Great article, wish I could meet this friend of yours:)))

    But I guess what inspired this friend was the kind of people she was hobnobbing with – people who opened her mind to sensitivity and softness in human souls; people who are constantly evolving and embracing change; people who care deeply about things that most ignore – human respect and equality; love for environment and nature and gentleness – all of which you so beautifully embibe and maybe thats what keeps her going – HOPE – that the world is a beautiful place and a little act of kindness can light up one tiny corner of it!

  • Ayman Sefnaj

    Your friend is an inspiration for tall those who want to change the world to a better place. I love this article and i’m very glad I red it 😀 ( it makes a change)