Just plain stupid15 Jun 2011, ominous day in India’s education system—cut off percentage for admission into a prestigious college in Delhi has hit the ceiling 100 percent! Sadly, our oft-repeated apprehension at Doon Youth Center (DYC) for more than a decade has come true. I recall an incident many years ago when one Class X girl having scored 92.3% expressed dissatisfaction for scoring less than her colleague’s 92.4 %. What an irony of senseless competition and liberal marking system!
With focus on increasing cut-off percentage for admission into colleges, pressure on students to score high marks starts as early as junior classes. To do so, means fair or foul do not seem to matter as also promoted by most parents/teachers.

Mother of a class X student, in fact, advised her son to cheat.


Feedback from students is alarming as almost everyone cheats during exams!

Purpose of Education—Existing

  • To score high marks while in school/college—commercial hub patronizing tuition centers.
  • To become achievers of money, power & status
  • Question—Does this purpose contribute towards maintaining good health and healthy relationships? Introspection of ground realities would establish enormity of the dissatisfaction level!
  • What Should Be The Purpose? Clear understanding on certain Principles of Life may be the determining factor. Principles of life:-
  • What is more important—‘Human Being’ or ‘Human Doing’?
  • According to a luminary in this field, purpose of education is primarily two—1) to teach students the difference between rights and wrongs and 2) teach them to develop the ability of choosing right over wrong.
  • Who am I and what have I been created for?
  • In context of the thoughts (akin to those of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and others) of Albert Einstein “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. Try not to become a man of success but a man of value”, what is the relevance of pursuing formal education?

We all need to do out of the box thinking to find solution! Wish I had all the answers.

  • So we are all stupid, unsuccessful losers !  Rejoice  !

  • Sidspyker

    All that IS true, and more, but the question I can’t find an answer to is…what is the alternative?

  • You know, when i look back i don’t feel going back to my school days. I ll prefer going back to my grad / PG days. coz that was the time I realized that marks r not everyting nor they r a guarantee of sucess in life.
     Thankfully i had DYC & parents to teach me this. M afraid what wud be today’s kids feeling abt this. how wud they deal with the situation when they ll realize that all the effort they put in getting 90+ % are not a way to a happy life

  • Sahil

    its sad to see dat the public opinion bout education is so pitiful ………..