As a kid we wanted to be everything and anything possible (or maybe not possible).

Every summer vacation joined a new hobby class.Tried everything that came across.We were explorers as a kid and never tired of exploring and discovering more and more.
Everyday experimented our abilities with something new,if succeeded well and good,if not, never mind.Something else must be in stored for us.We continued our search..
Search for excitement, enthusiasm and happiness;search for the high that one feels after doing or creating something,which could very well be building a clay castle or writing poetry.

What happened to us when we technically ‘grew up’?
Is our search over?
Are we done with all exploring with ourselves?
Or have we experienced all the highs we wanted to feel?

Have we done all the crazy things we wanted to do?
No.We haven’t.
Within all of us there is still that kid who is in constant quest to know more,do more;experience something new,discover new aspects of ourselves.
So what stops us ? Responsibilities ?  Need to earn and make a living ? Peer pressure?

Maybe all of it!

But if we continue living like this then aren’t we running or rather are we really ‘living’ that way. By doing what we are ‘supposed’ to do and not what we really want to do, we are simply running  a rat race. In such a kind of life, we wait for things like promotion or hike in salary to give us a high.Why not experience this high more often?

It’s all in our hands.

Do things that you want to do.What you always wanted to do -sing, paint, dance, rock climbing.Be the child you want to be – LIVE.
Why do we say that childhood days are the best?
Because then we did what we desired.Did not care for the world and through this we experienced the freedom of childhood.
Bring back that freedom to your life-start living.

You may even change your monotonous vocation (if that is not what you want to do). There is no harm to quit the job of software engineer at the age of 35 and be a painter, if you desire so.
It does take a while to know what gives you the real happiness. It’s okay to take your time and decide. But it’s definitely not okay to do where your heart, mind and soul is not there.

What do you live for??

What is the point of living if you do not experience this happiness?That way you’ll be just breathing and not living.
There is a famous quote: ‘Don’t run through life so fast that you forget where you were and where you are going
In this piece, to some I might be sounding  too liberal or impractical or a new young girl in the world who does not know the complexities of this world,whatever the case maybe.
The bottom line is to be FREE.

(Choice is completely individualistic…how one would like to feel this FREEDOM.)

  • harshit

    a very good one and so true. If we live happily then world will become such a better place

  • Thanks Khusboo for the post.
    Enjoyed it, though I don’t agree with a few points.

  • Sudheer Deoli

    after raedig this peace i might start percieive happiness with a new domension attached to it. good one keep on writing

  • mitali punetha

    hey khushboo..its very true…khushiyan jindagi me choti choti baaton se aati hain or hum badi badi khushiyan pane ke chakkar me un khushiyon ko sametna bhool jate hain jo vastav me hamare liye sabse jada mayne rakhti hain… hamesha likhte rehna dear…

  • neema

    nice piece kushboo ………..i enjoyed it and its very true…….. keep on writing……….

  • ashish tiwari

    bahut acha likha hai khusboo…….i hope hume aur jyada padhne ko milta rahega….well done…….

  • Khushboo Dua

    Hey all.. thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it and it’s so encouraging.

  • Mohit

    Nice thoughts.just to add on that..We never change from our chidhood to any present age we are in,only the parameters and the scale of what we want increases..a child wants a toy car..and with the same intensity a grown up might want a real car.only parameter increase that is from a toy car to a real car..

  • Khushboo Dua

    Hey…that is a nice insight…thx for ur response


    Nice thoughts , I think everybody should live their life at fullest and need
    not to forget about a beautiful child in ourselves,

    but what stops us.I think our developed mind set.what you say ?— In the
    childhood days , we dont think enough for our life, we just enjoy , nobody
    stops us and say baccha hi samajh jaiga , isn’t it but when we grew up our
    thinking develop and we captured in a strong mythodlogical relations and other
    bindings like mother , father , brother , sister , husband , wife , son , daughter
    etc..we are answerable and accountable for everyone and we have to give many
    things to the society as well and all depends how we behave and care but that
    expectation is not with the child.

    I do not think that anybody does not want to play hide and seek etc. aaj bhi
    akele hone par kuch bhi masti karne ko dil chaahta hii aur wo karne par hame
    baccha kaha jaata hi (i.e.he/she is not mature)


    do what ever your heart says because it never think and lies.

    keep writing —

    you are a good writer with a beautiful soul